Your Market Story

Our proven process will enable you to own your category, build a unique market position and tell a great story based on your strengths.

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Your Market Story™ is a brand-story and message framework for technology companies that enables your customers to understand your unique value.

You'll develop a niche brand position, category ownership and a story for the market, giving you a tagline, boilerplate and segmented messages  for each type of customer and campaign.

Why Create a Message?

Customers, analysts, investors and press will all expect you to clearly communicate your value to include CXO signatories

Brand Position

The thought you want people to have when they think of you

Market Message

The fastest route to articulate your brand value to your market

Customer Segmentation

A message to address the different types of buyer requirement


We work with clients in the FTSE and Fortune leagues – as well as Series A-to-C companies.

They use Your Market Story™ to gain competitive advantage in storytelling, often winning millions of dollars in sales or huge domains of market mindshare as a result.


We gather all your input, data and market opinion

Brand Position

We create a position scenarios and discuss with you


We sift value messages looking for market opportunities


We co-create your message based on your position

Get Your Market Story

“I love our new message and I’m delighted with the outcome as we can now get hyper-targeted.”

- John Milliken, CEO, Speechmatics

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