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Partners Rock

Not every company wants to sell directly. Partnerships unlock huge potential for growth and can do a lot of the sales legwork.

Technology partner programmes enable companies to engage with your brand and sell it on your behalf.

Partner Works enables you to build a partner programme.

We provide the structure and drive the alignment between your teams to ensure they can be proud of a new vehicle for extended growth.

Partner Works ensures your top clients feel engaged with your brand and can be rewarded for their extra efforts to sell bigger deals for you.

You can support your smaller partners with marketing, onboarding and support benefits they wouldn’t have otherwise experienced.  

Partner Works:
We'll Build You the
Partner Programme

10X: Partners Target, Market & Sell for You

Yes that's right - you increase your sales force, sector and geographical reach with the right partner incentives and structures

Brand Equity

Your brand value increases because you are part of the fabric of the technology sales ecosystem and channel network

Attract and Segment

You can get laser focused on the types of companies you want to work with and what sort of deals you want to do.

Do You Want to Build a Partner Programme?

If you're thinking about developing a partner programme, we can help you to structure.

We'll help you build partner categories, tiers, pricing and incentive models that enable your community to take you to market and grow.

Grow Through Partners

“Proposo is like rocket fuel for sales.

Win rates go up. They approach growth from the customer perspective, lining up partner sales and marketing.”

Tim Davies, CEO, IDNet

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