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Funnelly Enough, Many Companies Struggle with Marketing Automation...

Most businesses want more customer traffic and to understand their data in the pipeline so they can make continuous improvements.

Funnel Marketeer is a programme to set your web strategy, make your digital marketing work and optimize your sales funnels.

It instructs your team on the nuts and bolts, from technical SEO, lead magnets, automated emails to nurture-and-close campaigns.

If you want to make money online, you have to ensure you are looking at the right data and building predictive models to optimize the marketing channels you invest in. You need content and funnel systems to get the most out of digital marketing.

FunnelMarketeer will show your team how to do win the automation marketing game and keep improving.

Why Funnels?

Funnel marketing is the term used to describe automated lead-generation from content campaigns on the web. Be it paid or free traffic, how you leverage the power of the web and use the data it provides is a key driver of sales.

Digital Marketing, Campaign and Customer Data Audit

Find out what's really going on with your marketing and remove the data paralysis

Funnel Creation, CRM Insight & Digital Infrastructure Plan

Design funnels to attract new customers through new channels. Build automations to remove the headache from the marketing team. Lean on your CRM and toolkits to do the heavy lifting.

Customer Activation. Campaign Run & Capability Building

Switch on and help the team to develop new skills in managing and optimising multiple campaigns at one.

Automate Your Lead Gen

Our clients in the FTSE and Fortune leagues, mid-sized and early stage tech companies use Funnel Marketeer to gain competitive advantage in automated lead gen and customer acquisition for world-leading digital marketing campaigns.

Use Marketing Automation Technology

"Managing marketing campaigns purely on a human capacity basis is very limiting and time constrained.

"By investing in always-on funnels that attract customers from all kinds of channels, you increase lead gen potential and allow the marketing team to orchestrate rather than constantly create materials, publish and track promotions.

"Automation opens new opportunities and greater routes to predictable customer acquisition costs."

- Dan Ilett, CEO, Proposo

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