Fintechs struggle to monetise digital banking services

For most industries, the most difficult obstacle to overcomeis getting the customer to pay you. This is particularly true for “neobanks”like Starling, Revolut and Monzo. Despite millions of users and a reputation ofproviding smooth user-experiences, most UK consumers are unwilling to pay forfintech apps.

The Anatomy of Category — Using USP to Create New Markets

Stand out from the crowd. It sounds so simple, but a majority of businesses fail to do that. If you don’t stand out from the crowd, you won’t be visible to consumers.

Hit with the B of the Bang

You have approximately one second to capture someone’s attention. Perhaps three – and if you’re really lucky, a few more.

Why Microsoft, IBM and Amazon disavowed ‘biased’ facial recognition only now?

Microsoft, IBM and Amazon have walked away from facial recognition tech in law enforcement. Neither company owns a significant market share, but the reputational risk for continuing with the technology has littered each brand with much bigger problems of protest groups, privacy ethics and years of working through the courts.

The brand dangers of buying the wrong AI product

Companies looking to position in the AI market will quickly need to satisfy ethical questions for buyers – even though the demand curve looks steep. The impact of buying the ‘wrong AI’ could have huge impact on brand equity.

CMOs prioritise brand strategy as digital dominates post-Covid marketing channel mix

Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are increasing their spend on digital channels as the COVID pandemic has scuppered many 2020 offline campaigns.