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Dan Ilett

The Anatomy of Category — Using USP to Create New Markets

Stand out from the crowd. It sounds so simple, but a majority of businesses fail to do that. If you don’t stand out from the crowd, you won’t be visible to consumers.

Hit with the B of the Bang

You have approximately one second to capture someone’s attention. Perhaps three – and if you’re really lucky, a few more.

Why Microsoft, IBM and Amazon disavowed ‘biased’ facial recognition only now?

Microsoft, IBM and Amazon have walked away from facial recognition tech in law enforcement. Neither company owns a significant market share, but the reputational risk for continuing with the technology has littered each brand with much bigger problems of protest groups, privacy ethics and years of working through the courts.

Seven B2B Tech Taglines We Love

Creating the perfect tagline is something that many brands struggle with. How can you fit what you are into a few words? How can you convey your essence in a three-word message, in such a way that gets people to act?

The Strain to Retain: 5 Pitfalls of Ignoring Your Customers

When most people think of marketing, they usually think of appealing to new customers. Marketing isn’t usually associated with reaching out and messaging existing customers — only 18 percent of brands said that the main focus of their marketing efforts is customer retention (as opposed to customer acquisition).