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Do you know if you're a SaaS or field sales company?

Do you know if you're a SaaS or field sales company? Forty-one percent of investors and analysts say they are now extremely concerned about cyber threats. Every business needs cyber security solutions - barriers to purchase arise from poor audience setting and too much focus on data. The job of a marketing plan is easy when these barriers are addressed. Read on to understand how to alleviate and avoid these issues and strengthen the strategy your cloud security brand adopts.

Cut the jargon that's killing your cloud security brand

It’s a bad industry habit to use technical, complicated language to sell cloud solutions. Cloud security products are complicated and technical innovations, but for the most part, the customer does not care about that one bit.‍ A website visitor or a blog reader isn’t going to wait around to decipher what distinguishes you from your competitors. Read on to learn how to clarify your message and offering, and download our complete guide, “Cloud Security 2020: Barriers to Growth”, to discover more obstacles that may still be in the way of your cloud security brand.

Cloud Security 2020: Branding

As a security provider in 2020, brand trust is paramount. Customers have many reasons to doubt a tech company’s claims and if your brand does not make a conscious effort to validate these claims, you will suffer. Every brand needs to convey that their cloud security product could save a business. Communicating that uniquely is the challenge.

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